Bad Ass (In Training)

Aidan Ussery

Professional Skills

Canva 40%
Data Entry 25%
Linux 25%
Windows 35%
Technical Terms 45%
HTML 5 50%
Javascript 15%
PHP 25%

Experience & Activities

Aidan has been with James and Farrah in and around the IT and online marketing industry literally his whole life. He was born into it! He was in the office doing his homework in a server room or sitting at James’ desk during a business meeting. He can reference clients and issues by name.

He’s assisted with a number of tasks for clients like managing spreadsheets, product discussions, migrating websites, creating email users and WordPress backups and plugin updates.

Lately he’s been interested in development for his high school classes which is cool but he’s more interested in robotics as well as aviation! This kid’s going to do some really awesome stuff in his future!