Sr. Software Programmer Architect

Nick Bedgood

Nick is a versatile, professional VB.NET and C# Software Developer - Windows or Web (10 years + .NET experience) with supporting skills in other software development, other platforms, hardware repair, and networking totaling 23 years of combined technology experience.

Professional Skills

Systems Analysis 98%
Programming Architect 95%
Requirements Analysis 92%
Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) 100%
Microsoft Windows 100%
Object Oriented Programming 100%
Problem Diagnosis 93%
.NET MVC 97%
API Design and Implementation 95%
Microsoft Azure Hosting 85%
C# 95%
.NET API Development 100%

Experience & Activities

Nick is a calm, firm believer in “The Character Ethic” who communicates with others in a courteous and friendly manner. Tensions get high with creative projects, discussing requirements and meeting deadlines and his goal is to keep my head clear as my brain is my greatest asset.

Being a logical and analytical person, he works with clients throughout the project to thoroughly flush out requirements, identify gaps, risks, prerequisites, dependencies, and possible features. This ensures that there are no nasty surprises as even a small oversight can become a costly mistake further in the project timeline. He works with his clients to prioritize requirements and tasks based on their budget and timeline constraints.

Nick’s goal is to deliver a well planned and thoroughly strategized project to ensure that each client is completely satisfied with our standard of work. There’s always a solution no matter how complex the requirements.