James has completed excellent IT work for me and my clients. Managing difficult issues with hosting, C-panel email servers, Apple/ Google app uploading. James is limitless with his IT expertise.
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  • Michael Nazhekiah
  • Business Broker (ProBusinessGroup)
Machus Corp and the athletic websites were critical in getting my kids recognized and opportunities to play at the college level. As a parent of four young aspiring athletes, Machus Corp gave each one of my athletes an elite web presence by creating individual websites that provided core information for college scouts to first find my child, then view everything they typically look for - demo reel, academic documentation, family pictures, Coach & Teacher testimonies and letters of reference. The web presence from Machus was a critical part of an over-all campaign to get my kids recognition from college scouts. And it worked - all four became state contenders with offers to advance and play at the college level. Thank you Machus!
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  • Parrish Taylor
  • Father, Emotional Intelligence Coach