Project Requirements Analysis and Documentation

As technologists, we’ve often seen customers that have been burned by bad projects in their past.  It all comes down to poor requirements and lack of defined goals.  A client has a vision, but without the proper articulation and documentation of the vision, the execution team applies their own perspective to the requirements and goals.  The end result bears no resemblance to what the client envisioned.  What follows is frustration along with an enormous loss of time and money, and a really bad experience.

Our goal is to avoid that by taking the time to understand what our client is looking for, which includes asking the right questions and making sure that the client has thought through all the possible nuances of process they’re looking to implement or change.  We use a method that works for you to help you flesh out all the possibilities and along the way, we use clear documentation to ensure that all your requirements and goals are captured in an understandable way and that these requirements and goals can be validated at the end of the project.