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Co-Founder and CEO

James Ussery

James Ussery is a Technology Business Consultant that spends his spare time constantly updating himself on the latest tech, tools and techniques in the IT industry. He's trained and consulted on Web Development, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, and works with businesses on marketing and sales ideas as well as personal development.

Professional Skills

Systems Analysis 85%
IT Consulting 95%
Resource Management 89%
Web Training 96%
Personal Development 92%
Motivational Speaking 85%
Social Media Marketing 85%
Linux and Windows Hosting 95%
IT Sales 92%
Software Recommendations 90%
IT/Tech Support 100%

Experience & Activities

James, with over 35 years of diverse hands-on experience, embarked on a journey of continuous learning and skill acquisition from his youth. He volunteered for a wide array of tasks, ranging from lawn care and plumbing to electrical work and even taking on the role of a sound technician at the local church. However, his true passion lay in the world of computers.

His fascination with computers began with desktop publishing and evolved into a multifaceted exploration that included building and selling PCs, software development, web development, and web hosting. James didn’t stop there; he extended his reach by assembling international teams to bring innovative projects to fruition. This incredible journey spanned a significant portion of his life, encompassing an impressive 15-year tenure as a business owner and consultant.

Now, James and Farrah, his wife and dedicated business partner, have returned to the United States after living in India near the beach and transitioning to remote work. They have dedicated themselves to mentoring and guiding aspiring individuals worldwide in achieving their dreams. Their collaborative efforts involve working closely with business owners, providing training, invaluable mentorship, and cultivating meaningful connections with those they encounter. James’ expertise in harnessing the power of “FOSS” (Free and Open Source Software) to craft tailored solutions for businesses sets him apart. He firmly believes that incorporating FOSS into business strategies offers a significant advantage, especially when considering cost-effective solutions. In the ever-evolving landscape of building versus buying, James champions the integration of FOSS as a cornerstone for substantial savings and success.