I know Google is just the biggest thing right now but let’s not buy in on everything. There are actually reasons Why you should stop using Google Chrome.

As always it’s good for us to know what else is out there in the world and how we could use them in our daily lives or for higher business performance. If we look around, we can find alternatives to all the software we use daily.

Chrome is Google’s fork of chromium, the open-source browser that has been very popular lately. There have been so many over the years. It’s refreshing sometimes to just checkout what else is out there and what different features we could benefit from.

Here’s a list of new browsers that’s also come from chromium.

It’s great to see what developers are putting out there for us lately. Security is paramount as the Evil Corps of the world work to make a buck off our data. It’s good to know there are products out there whose purpose for existence is balancing the playing field.

Our job is to make sure you know about them because the general public doesn’t fish around for new browsers. These browsers focus on security, from trackers, cookies, vpn, etc as well as ability to download media, a focus on social sharing and more.

Here is a list of non-chromium browsers that are worth a look: